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Nader and Ellsberg. Two of the most magnificent human beings to have ever walked the face of the earth. I humbly thank them both, one still with us, one gone now, for all they have done for humanity.

In a world awash in cynicism these two showed us (and one still does) what humanity can rise to. God speed Dan Ellsberg and Ralph Nader.

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A movement is arising. It seems blocked but its not. It’s creating a new vocabulary and new approach to generative and engaging political action. Most people aren’t even aware that they’ve absorbed new concepts. Which is a sign of an inevitable liberation phenomena is taking place. The polarizing labeling is beginning to backfire. There is a blending of labor and environmental realities that has seriously undermined the credibility the media and the political class, which in turn undermines the power of propaganda. Of course this could encourage a further (temporary?) dive into authoritarianism...

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Interesting, informative- and ineffective.

The question you once again asked in your recent blog could provide the answer to making interesting, informative episodes more effective- Why don't the American people rise up and tell their legislators and law enforcers that they will no longer accept the terrible corporate harm inflicted on them daily?

You touched on the answer with the final line of the blog- The awakened power of dedicated, informed people cannot be overcome.

Currently, citizens tell the legislators that they will accept the terrible corporate harm inflicted on them daily when they vote for the big money candidates that have told citizens by taking big money that they will be continuing to inflict corporate harm.

The Teamster president Sean O'Brien said "The strongest leverage our members have is their labor and they are prepared to withhold it to ensure UPS acts accordingly".

The strongest leverage citizens have is our votes and we have to be willing to withhold our votes to make the legislators act accordingly.

Citizens can demand small donor candidates and enforce that demand by withholding our votes from big money candidates and casting votes for small donor candidates whether or not the small donor candidates can win in 2024. If there are no small donor candidates on the primary or general election ballot most citizens can cast a write-in vote to create and demonstrate demand for small donor candidates in future elections.

Just 10% citizen participation nationally in the 2024 congressional elections would be enough to begin being effective in 2024. While it would not be enough to elect many if any small donor candidates in 2024, it could flip a few gerrymandered districts in 2024 where participation is at or over the 10% national average.

This could encourage more citizens to participate in 2026 which could result in 20% or more participation in 2026 that could result in some small donor candidates winning in 2026.

This could result in more citizens participating in 2028 which could make it almost impossible for a big money candidate to win in a majority of districts in 2028.

Just 6-7% of the 150 million 2020 voters committing to 100 dollars in contributions to small donor candidates per election cycle would total 1 billion dollars and would be just the tip of the iceberg.

Of course, as demonstrated again in this episode the corporate controlled media will not be informing citizens of this approach.

It is up to citizens to create an alternative to the corporate controlled media and we need someone like Ralph to lead this approach.

Just 6-7% of 2020 voters investing 100 dollars buying shares in a non-profit would raise 1 billion dollars (also just the tip of the iceberg) to buy up/start up a media conglomerate controlled by ordinary citizens and overseen by a board of people like Ralph that could provide the information not provided by the corporate media.

Or we could do nothing and at best be right where we are now in 2028.

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The mass media folded its tents and disappeared into the night. The latter has been expanded with Ukraine. I had a comment posted and removed from the NYT that made an antiwar statement about the war in Ukraine. It’s awful and involves two nuclear powers.

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I wish all North Americans could hear this!!

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This is a question to the entire Ralph Nader audience. Could the “military-industrial-media-intelligence complex (the exact same people) be a tool that not only makes War Invisible but be also used domestically to distract us along economic, and racial, social differences?

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Norman Solomon is right the “military-industrial-media-intelligence complex” conspires to suppress the truth about war. The only thing the intelligence complex gained from Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers is how to hide the Truth using the CIA, FBI, and Home Land Security is how to hide the truth from the American people.

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I get tied of given "atta boys" to Nader; but atta boy!

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Good program and book. But the reality is that the agencies, Congress and the President have all been captured by the fire breathing miscreants of the military hardware producers, the security firms, and all other military suppliers that are always pushing for more and more military conflicts. We need a generation of determined citizens willing to fight all this with the same gusto of the alphas whose families, finances and futures depend on these conflicts. It's a dangerous ferocious beast that will never be satisfied. If Russia somehow withdraws from the Ukraine conflict--which will never happen without some diplomatic overtures--then it will be China as our adversary or some other ones such as the absurd "war on terror". These are mendacious sleazy and greedy corporations that will never be satisfied with real solutions without them.

I recently watched a number of films in the Vietnam War which was in reality a proxy war with millions of innocent citizens paying for it with their lives. You have to be on other side of this conflict in the end, with the US and allies being the invaders and unjust cowardly killers. None of the wars since WWII have been just with the possible exception of the Korean War. The US always gets into meddlesome conflicts with the argument of "what would happen if" we were not involved? No doubt the consequences would be much better.

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If this interview were aired on primetime TV and millions of people were exposed to this information and this kind of information, wouldn’t that be a start in educating the U.S. public? Solomon provides such sensitive, intelligent, important answers to Nader’s always well-informed and challenging questions, a mass audience would recognize this as invaluable input to its quandary of whom and what to believe. The public needs to hear it straight from people who know and have their interests at heart. They’d wake up, don’t you think?

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