Powerful insider lobbying [or the press] was the only way to be heard in the Founding Era. And that is still the case today.

During the Founding Era, no one, especially the Anti Federalists, believed a democracy or even a 'representational democracy' was possible. Of course the 1% of the day were reluctant to admit that publicly.

Representation in the Confederation Era was by state delegates appointed by the state legislature, not by citizens.

The proposed Constitution was no better: it allowed citizens to choose but already the population was so large that a representational democracy was impossible. It allowed only 1 Congressman for every 30,000 citizens. Even this guarentee is ignored today as there is only 1 Congressman for every 780,000 citizens.

However, as in the Founding Era, there is no Constitutional limit on the number of media or lobbyists.

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It's far worse than your program indicated as the US is the largest tax haven in the world. Though Biden has some good in his policies, he is corrupt and a low life, just look at his long and sordid history.

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Can't download the MP3. Please fix that.

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