I only download the program and listen on an mp3 player. I don't use a cell phone.

Where is the download link?

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How can I download an episode of this program?

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What happened to all the comments from before the switch to Substack?

Please switch back.

Your recent blog about Deathocrats broadening their campaign messages and strategies is pure delusion.

The Deathocrats are only pretending to be on the side of ordinary citizens to create the illusion of choice when they are really partners with the Republikillers employing a divide and conquer strategy with a good cop/bad cop routine as two halves of the one big money party.

Why are you perpetuating the Real Big Lie instead of exposing it for what it is and broadening your message and strategy?

There are only two reasons why anyone would vote for Deathocrats or Republikillers- they have either been duped or they know exactly what they are voting for which makes them evil.

Have you been duped or are you evil?

There is still time for you to encourage citizens to participate in One Demand by demanding politicians run small donor campaigns and enforce that demand with our votes in 2022 which could change the dynamic of the false choice between the two halves of the one big money party for 2024.

You have said many times that politicians want our votes more than big money. If you truly believe that then you would not be offering advice to the big money Deathocrats, you would be encouraging citizens to participate in One Demand.

Ask yourself the same question you ask of Deathocrats in your blog about stopping the one big money Deathocrat/Republikiller party of anxiety, dread and fear as they have already told us what they will do after the election no matter the results by taking big money before the election.

Your choice between perpetuating the Real Big Lie or advocating citizen participation in One Demand is what will decide the future that awaits America- not voter turnout limited to the false choice offered by the one big money Deathocrat/Republikiller party.

Will you lead citizens off the cliff to oblivion or encourage citizens to push the big money Deathocrats and Republikillers off the cliff?

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